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Wonkwang Premium Korean Medicine

Tonic medicine taken by kings 

Wonkwang Gongjindan

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Invented by Wi Yeok-lim, a famous physician of the Yuan Dynasty China, gongjindan is a traditional multiherbal medicine recorded in the medical book “Seuideukhyobang (世醫得效方).”
It is also known as “Kings’ medicine” because royal families in China used to take it.
The ingredients of gongjindan—musk, deer antlers, dong quai, and ‘Japanese cornlian cherry’corn—were expensive and valuable in ancient times.
Our “Wonkwang Gongjindan“ made of traditional gongjindan ingredients, plus red ginseng and foxglove, is one of the most effective prescribed medicines that we have to offer although its composition may look simple. 

Improving memory and concentration

Chongmyeong Gongjindan

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Our Chongmyeong Gongjindan is a combined medicine of gongjindan, also known as kings’ medicine, and chongmyeonghwan (an herbal medicine that is known to promote brain health).
It is very effective in improving physical strength and clearing the head so that you can keep and boost your academic performance.
In addition, it helps you release excessive heat caught in your body, thereby boosting blood circulation and metabolism.
It is regarded as the best medicine for students who suffer from stress and exhaustion, which helps them recover their physical strength and brain health.

Cure for rejuvenation and healthy and long life

Nokyong Gyeongokdan

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“Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine)” describes gyeongokgo as a remarkable medicine that rejuvenates, treats all kinds of diseases, clears the head, strengthens five main organs in the body, turns gray hair to black, invigorates the body, and makes you feel not hungry even without eating.
The medical book states that you can live 360 years if you take gyeongokgo for 27 years and live 500 years if you take it for 64 years, suggesting that the medicine is good for everyone regardless of age and gender.
Our gyeongokdan is a herbal medicine made of deer antlers in addition to traditional gyeongokgo ingredients, maximizing its tonic effect to help you quickly recover your physical strength.
Available in a ball-type formula, it is easy to take and carry with you.

Best medicine for all family members

Wonkwang Gyeongokgo

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Gyeongokgo is the prescription that is most mentioned in “Donguibogam,” and according to the book, it is used to prevent all maladies by replenishing vitality, restoring energy, rejuvenating the body, and promoting blood circulation and metabolism.
Made of white agaric, crudus, ginseng, and honey as basic ingredients, Wonkwang Gyeongokgo is an excellent medicine for all family members regardless of age and gender.
Available in a stick-type pouch, it is easy to take and carry with you.